Alli Steen
UX Design + Illustration



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At Backbone I worked as a UX designer and researcher where I reported directly to the product team lead. My responsibilities and contributions while in this role included:

• Championing user needs and expectations through research based end-to-end user experiences.

• Rapidly prototyped UX concepts for both business case development as well as product development solutions.

• Created wireframes and UX specifications used by the delivery development teams. 

• Support and collaborate with the development teams to execute the business and UX solutions.

• Create clear and intuitive UI design to hand off to engineers based on user research and testing. 

• Create illustrations for company blog and assist with creating marketing material.


Component Details Library

The CDL is a library of components users can choose from to add to their designs either individually or as a group. Components can be sorted and opened up to see detailed information on the supplier, materials used to make the component as well as price. 

Below are examples of taking the CDL from research, Lo-fi mockups to hi-fi concepts of the full details panel as well as the preview panel as it appears in the full library view for easy access.



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