Alli Steen
Illustrator + Interactive Designer

Cortana + Mass Effect Andromeda

Cortana + Mass Effect



Rebrand Microsoft Cortana in a way that will engage new users and expand it's functionality.


Since Microsoft has a presence in both XBOX and PC gaming, we felt like Cortana could be leveraged inside games to ask strategy questions, plot questions and anything related to gameplay. Usually if you are playing a PC game, you must close your gaming window to search for strategy questions online. With Cortana + MEA, there is no need to exit your game and answers will be displayed for you on the main screen. At the time of this project, Mass Effect Andromeda was set to be released. We paired with EA/Bioware to bring you Cortana + MEA.


Cortana can be accesses from the main game menu by the voice command "Cortana", once activated, you can ask any in game related question and she will display the results for you on screen. When you are finished, simply navigate away from the window with your mouse or controller, or simply say "Cortana stop".


Concepting, illustration, animation, video editing