Alli Steen
Illustrator + Interactive Designer

Pet history





Create an interactive ad experience aimed at creating interest, engagement and community around pet food with a focus on "what do pet's do for their owners?".


We spent a lot of time thinking about what pet's do for their owner's and how we could create meaningful communities around that, we came up with "pet history" and decided to focus on how pet's have helped shape and contribute to it -and help human beings along the way.


We came up with a concept for a large interactive wall featuring different stories of pets throughout history. Paw prints on the floor of each store will lead the customer to a lrge, interactive wall where customers can see the stories of brave pets throughout time. Each image or story would be animated as well. On the far left of the screen, customers would be able to see social media posts tagged with #pethistory and read the stories of pet owners all over, they would also be able to contribute themselves with this hashtag.


Ideation, concepting, mockups, visual design


The Integer Group