Alli Steen
UX Design + Illustration

Virtual Vacation





First we began with brainstorming: What B2B2C industries were well suited for exploring augmented reality? Travel and Hospitality!

Our solution was an augmented reality app for the luxury travel experience: Connecting Modern Luxury magazine with the Four Seasons hotel. A small selection of users would receive Google Cardboards along with a special edition of Modern Luxury magazine featuring international travel destinations with a focus on the different hotels featured in Virtual Vacation. After viewing the destination of their choice through their Google Cardboard, the reader would then be offered a travel itinerary and flight booking options.

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 7.30.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 7.30.05 PM.png

For our target audience we focused on a small, wealthy clientele with disposable income to spare and an interest in travel. Our magazine of choice was Modern Luxury magazine - known for their high earning reader demographic and a focus on travel.


With this approach we also wanted to revisit and improve how travel destinations and airlines could better reach their target demographic through ads- the current model had them going through the single bottleneck point of magazine print ads separately.

In our new proposed model all three would be advertised together as a single package- not separate products or services disconnected but as a single experience. 

With our battle plan laid out, our audience selected and our design flow planned out, we got to design and wire-framing.

Below are our design process from paper sketches and prototyping to hi-fi designs and our video case study.