Alli Steen
UX Design + Illustration



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Tell me about yourself: An interview comic

I’m Alli Steen, a product designer with a passion for visual storytelling based in Longmont, CO. 

I have a strong background in visual design and use those skills to support my UX work. I have experience in startup, in-house and freelance environments as well. In my latest role I owned specific product features, using UX research, sketching, building out the hi-fi wireframes and creating prototypes for testing and review to inform and support my design decisions. I also have experience in a more traditional visual design capacity from creating promotional materials, logo design, branding, storyboarding and illustration.

Based on these experiences I have developed a core set of skills that guide me through the design process and help me get to the core of a client’s problem or request, including: visual design, experience design, project management, clear communication and empathy. 

What I’ve worked on

I have worked on a number of small design sprints for clients done in an academic setting,  but with solid deliverables expected at the end of each one. I have experience in agile environments working on both small and large teams and with short deadlines. Subject wise the products I have worked on or helped develop have ranged from implementing potential new features into native apps to developing new features for B2B software, some of these clients included UberEats, Arity and Meditation Studio.

I have also done concept design and illustration work for clients such as Automation Anywhere and The New York Times Well Family blog [formerly motherlode].

Side Projects

In my personal time I volunteer for an indie game company as a character and environmental concept artist as well as for the Beyond Skyrim community mod project as a 2D and concept artist. I am passionate about immersive, interactive and emotionally engaging experiences and strive to remain connected to that community. In my free time I also do personal and commissioned illustration work with a more fine arts focus, as well as small comics and collaboration pieces.